Toddler’s ‘southern drawl’ cracks up TikTok when she says ‘popcorn’

Southern accents are known for their charm, so it’s no surprise that a toddler from down south has TikTok smitten.

Dad @crisboyd6 posted a video of his toddler daughter joining in on all the #CornTok fun. All he did was ask his daughter to pronounce a few “corn” words, and she was all giggles. Her southern drawl made her pronunciation extra special. People couldn’t help but be tickled by the little one.

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The toddler girl donned overalls while hanging out with dad in the backyard. The father prompted her to say a couple of words, and she was happy to oblige him.

Dad: Say “corn.”

Toddler: Corn.

Dad: Say “popcorn.”

Toddler: “Pop-cawn.”

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The pair couldn’t stop laughing at her pronunciation, and the video racked up almost 800,000 views.

“Too cute! Love that southern drawl sweet girl. Don’t ever change,” a user said.

“That southern drawl!!! I LOVE IT! I got it too, sweet girl,” a person wrote.

“If she’s not the most precious thing on my feed!” another commented.

“My daughter used to say it exactly the same way,” someone added.

“I could watch this adorable girl laughing at herself all day, she is beyond cute, that laugh,” a TikToker replied.

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