Toddler insists on bringing his TV to the babysitter’s house

This parent on TikTok shared a hilarious video from when his son insisted on bringing the TV to his babysitter’s house, and viewers are very impressed by the adorable toddler’s negotiation skills.

TikToker Kelly Ramsey (@prophetkellyramsey) is a parent and pastor who posts clips featuring his ministry and funny moments with his young son. Recently, Ramsey shared a video detailing how the 3-year-old decreed that in order for him to go to his babysitter’s house, the TV must come along as well, and viewers are losing it over the precocious toddler’s request.

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The clip captioned, “When your child is overly mature,” opens with a shot of a flat-screen TV sitting in the passenger seat of Ramsey’s car.

“I’m dropping Peanut off at the babysitter,” Ramsey explains, playfully zooming the camera in and out over the TV. “And he insists that I bring his TV. That was the only way he was going to go,” Ramsey continues.

Suddenly, a little voice from the backseat chimes in with an affirmative, “Yeah!” The camera pans to reveal Ramsey’s adorable toddler grinning from ear to ear in the backseat. “You got your deal,” the little boy trills before giving his dad a cheeky smile as the video comes to a close.

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The sweet interaction between father and son had hearts melting all over TikTok.

“The way he’s smiling [has] my whole heart aching,” one user shared.

“He’s the sweetest! He talks like a [little] old man,” observed one TikToker.

Many viewers were also impressed with the young boy’s keen negotiation skills.

“He’s 100% growing up to be an important, intelligent, independent, [and] inspirational man,” complimented one user.

“He’s going to be rich, bro. See the body language and confidence? He ain’t afraid to get the best [out of] a situation,” another viewer noted.
There’s no doubt that Ramsey’s son is definitely going places in life, but the question remains as to whether or not he’ll be bringing his TV along for the ride.

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