Toddler does some damage when parents aren’t looking, and TikTokers have thoughts

TikTok mom @ryanhmimen shared a video of the mess her toddler made when she wasn’t looking, and viewers weren’t shy about sharing their thoughts on the situation.

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Family TikTok account @ryanhmimen posts fun clips featuring the daily adventures of an adorable toddler named Ryan. Recently, Ryan’s mom, who runs the TikTok account, shared a relatable video showing the aftermath of her toddler wreaking havoc on the house, and viewers had some strong opinions.

The clip, which has more than 36 million views, opens with a shot of the fridge that looks like someone or something raided it. Cheerios and other snacks spill out of the open door, and a shot of the inside of the refrigerator reveals a mess of empty containers of chocolate pudding and sprinkles.

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After surveying the damage in the fridge, Ryan’s mom follows a trail of chocolate syrup to the new living room sofa. She approaches the couch, only to find chocolate smeared all over the cushions and floor.

She walks around the defaced sofa to discover Ryan covered in chocolate in a dinosaur onesie passed out on the couch. Before the video comes to a close, the camera pans around the area showing the full extent of the mess. The once beige sofa now features abstract chocolate markings while food, confetti and toys sit scattered across the floor.

TikTokers had mixed reactions

Many viewers were amused by the relatable scenario, while others weren’t shy about sharing their strong feelings on the matter.

“See how the child is lying down like they just saved the world,” one user joked.

“Where were his parents? Thank God he didn’t get into any cleaning supplies or something poisonous while he was being unattended,” mentioned one TikToker.

“Where did this child find the time to do this without being noticed?” one viewer inquired.

Ryan’s mom posted a follow-up video to show that her little boy is safe and her sofa is “somewhat” back to being clean.

Despite TikTokers’ concerns, the video was intended to be lighthearted and funny. As one viewer wisely said, “Let’s not be quick to judge.”

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