Toddler caught on camera playing hockey in his crib

Keep an eye out for three-year-old hockey prospect Eli Graveline.

Usually, any homemade video footage yielded from the depths of a dark bedroom in the middle of the night is not the type of content one would want going viral.

But when it comes to a toddler getting captured on a baby monitor stick-handling a roll of hockey tape with a mini-stick in their crib, well, that’s a different story.

Though he doesn’t know it yet, three-year-old Eli Graveline is hitting that internet stardom head on after his mother Julianne posted footage to her Instagram account from the then 24-month-old’s monitor which showed Eli putting in the late-night work while putting his soft hands on display for the camera.

Unfortunately for us all, with just minutes to the start of the draft festivities in Dallas, there is still no word whether or not the league will make a 15-year age exemption and deem the three-year-old eligible for the 2018 draft.