Tired of the Same Old Dating Apps? Try Lady Matchmaker, a Dating App for Busy Professionals with a Twist

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2021 / Karolina Swierk loves love, and she knows there's nothing quite like the feeling you get from being in a romantic relationship - the long conversations, the quiet moments spent cuddling on the couch, the deep, passionate kisses. But as a busy professional struggling to balance her professional schedule with her dating life, trying to find someone on her own felt practically impossible.

Taking advantage of the digital age we live in, Karolina turned to some of the most well-known dating apps. But instead of finding someone she connected with, she faced constant catfishing. She wasted hours of her valuable time building connections with "matches" only to find out they were lying. It was exhausting and incredibly frustrating.

There had to be a better way - a simple dating app for busy professionals wasn't going to cut it.

The Solution: A Professional Matchmaker

Tired of dealing with conventional dating apps, Karolina finally found the solution: hiring a professional matchmaker. The matchmaker took the time to vet Karolina's potential partners, matching her with people who shared her values, goals, and interests, all with her safety in mind. They added a personal touch and a layer of sophistication to the process, and her experience improved dramatically.

Karolina's experience with her matchmaker has led her to create Lady Matchmaker, a dating app that brings a real matchmaking service into the equation. Now, you can easily strike that perfect balance between your work life and your desire to make a meaningful romantic connection.

What Is Lady Matchmaker?

Lady Matchmaker is unlike any other dating app out there. As an all-in-one dating app and matchmaking service, it's designed to help you find better matches and make real connections. You get the convenience and variety offered by online dating apps combined with the safety, security, and tailored results of a matchmaking service. There's no more worrying about wasting your time looking for love.

How Does It Work?

Do you have a perpetually full professional schedule but still want to find romance? Are you tired of spending hours on dating apps without ever finding a meaningful, lasting relationship? If this sounds familiar - and you're 21 or older - Lady Matchmaker is for you.

On Lady Matchmaker, every user has to pass a video verification process. It ensures that their profile represents who they really are. The goal is to keep the catfishers that are so common on conventional dating apps out, allowing you to meet real people and develop real relationships.

Plan Options

Lady Matchmaker will offer two plan options to its users:


For those that prefer to do things themselves, Lady Matchmaker's Kiss membership allows you to swipe, match, and chat with potential partners on your own. You can browse fully-vetted individuals, pick out some potential partners, get to know one another, and start working on those deep connections.


Upgrading to a Relationship membership offers all of the perks of the Kiss membership with a helping hand guiding you along the path to love. You get a dedicated matchmaker who will curate potential matches for you based on a proven compatibility formula. Your matchmaker will set up a "Possibility Call" between you and someone just as serious about finding love, allowing the two of you to get to know one another.

After each call, your matchmaker will contact you to see what you thought and talk about your next steps. If it turns out you're not into them, that's okay! Your matchmaker will find new matches for you every 30 to 90 days until you finally make a connection that you both want to pursue further.

When Will Lady Matchmaker Go Live?

You won't have to wait long to start finding love. Lady Matchmaker launches in fall 2021.

Are You Ready to Find Your Match?

While you might lead a busy life, you still deserve to find love. But you shouldn't have to waste your valuable time dealing with bad matches on conventional dating apps. As the ultimate dating app for busy professionals, Lady Matchmaker can help you steer clear of the catfish and find someone your heart can truly connect with.

Love is out there for you, and Lady Matchmaker wants to help you find it. Sign up today to get on the waitlist and be notified when the app goes live. Everyone is excited about helping you find the romance you're looking for!

Contact Name: Karolina Swierk
Business Name: Lady Matchmaker LLC
Address: Staten Island, NY
Website Link: https://ladymatchmaker.com/
Email: info@ladymatchmaker.com

SOURCE: Lady Matchmaker


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