Tiny group, township granted leave to appeal water-taking permit

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A battle between those who want to save the environment and those who want to do business in Tiny has begun.

The recent leave to appeal granted by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks launched the process for the two objecting parties: Tiny Township and the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations (FoTTSA).

FoTTSA filed its application on Jan. 27, under section 38 of the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). Tiny Township followed suit on Jan, 29, filing under the same section of the EBR. The decision to grant the leave to appeal has been detailed in the document available online.

The appeal is against CRH Canada Group Inc.'s recent renewal of permit to take water from Teedon Pit for aggregate washing. Under the company's existing permit, it is authorized to take up to 6.8 million litres of water per day for the washing of gravel and other on-site uses. The water is taken from a source pond and a production well located on the property.

Coun. Tony Mintoff, who had been the most vocal council member about the issue, said he was happy about the decision.

"I feel that we've adopted two principle statements that conflict with any of the operations happening there and issuance of any further permits and licences," he told MidlandToday. "It's my feeling as an individual that the township should be objecting to every application every step of the way because it's consistent with the policy statement that's been adopted."

Mintoff said he couldn't comment further on behalf of the council until a discussion takes place.

"I just wish I could persuade more people," he said. "I'm happy we were granted leave to appeal. That's just one of the preliminary steps in a long, winding road."

A special council meeting has been called for 1:30 p.m. this afternoon to discuss next steps. Mintoff said he believed it would be an open session and residents interested in the issue could view a live stream of the session via the township's YouTube channel.

When reached for comment, Lynne Archibald, secretary FoTTSA said she would reach out to her peers to gather comment.

A follow-up story will be posted after more information is received.

Mehreen Shahid, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, OrilliaMatters.com