Calf Saved by Motorists After Tumbling From Trailer on Massachusetts Highway

Motorists rushed to help when a calf fell out of a moving trailer and busy traffic on Interstate 95 in Georgetown, Massachusetts, on Tuesday morning, October 4,

Elhassain Hussein, who was traveling a few vehicles behind with his co-worker, captured video showing an open door at the back of its transport trailer and a young cow peeking out. “That cow’s going to jump out, dude. Don’t do it, cow, don’t do it!” a man says in the video. Moments later, the calf falls onto the road.

Speaking to Storyful, Hussein said that once the calf stuck one leg out the door, it fell out onto the highway. He Storyful he used his truck “to block off the lane so no other vehicles would accidentally hit” the calf while his co-worker and two other motorists helped pull the animal to the side of the road.

The driver of the trailer, who stopped a short distance ahead, came back to retrieve the young animal. Hussein said that when he told the driver that the calf may have a dislocated hip, the driver replied that the calf was “going to the slaughterhouse anyway.”

According to local media, state police arrived a few minutes later but found that “bystanders and the animal’s owner had already recovered the calf and were putting him back in the trailer.” Credit: Elhassain Hussein via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Cow's going to jump out, dude. Oh, don't do it, cow, don't do it! Oh, he did it!

- Gah!

- He did it!

- Oh. Oh, he's hanging, he's dragging.

- Oh poor guy.

- Oh it's out, it's out. Oh. Should I get out?

- No, no, no, no, no.

- Grab him.

- No, no. Poor thing.


- We should block him off.

- I am trying to. There's an 18 Wheeler behind me.

- Pull up, I'll grab him by his neck, I'll pull him off to the side.

- I'm gonna pull up, all right?

- No, go ahead.

- Close the door.