'Timeless': 150-year journey of denim as we know it

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For the last 150 years, workers' denim style has evolved from demanding workplace to casual wear to yesteryear's fashion symbols. We'll be taking you on a tour through the evolution of workers' denim attire and exploring how the views on how professional men and women dress have been altered.

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Denim's Who's Who

How did denim come to be? Denim was invented in the 1870s by an ingenious Bavarian and an adventurous textile trader named Levi Strauss. In his trade for haberdashery and textiles, Strauss, who had previously traveled from Franconia to the American west coast, met several gold diggers in late-19th-century America.

He observed that the workers’ pants had a lot of wear on them and they were often seen walking around with completely ripped clothing. He quickly understood that they need clothing made of exceptionally robust material, ideally with several pockets for their different, handy tools. Therefore, denim was invented to address the demand for durable clothes. However, in recent times, denim clothing has evolved into a fashion choice.

Riveted denim and colored cotton yarn

Sturdy blue cotton denim was created in Nimes a century before. The cloth, nevertheless, wasn’t yet strong for the workers. Later, Strauss made his first garments out of brownish tarpaulin material, which he fashioned into pants. The term “Gêne “was eventually shortened to “Jeans”—blue jeans originated here.

The pant pockets were strengthened with six fasteners or rivets, and the pants were sewed with reddish-orange thread.

The curative wear of denim—for every physique

Denim has made its way onto the world's most enormous walkways, from worker pants to luxury outfits. Many more items are available, from classic workwear to military gear and apparel to workwear, twill weave workwear, drill pants, and boxers.

Oil Field Worker eating Lunch, Kilgore, Texas, USA, Russell Lee, Farm Security Administration, April 1939. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Oil Field Worker eating Lunch, Kilgore, Texas, USA, Russell Lee, Farm Security Administration, April 1939. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

They have remained popular due to their durability and adaptability. The best thing about denim jeans is that it caters to almost all body types. Ultimately, it all comes down to choosing the right cut. It's not so much a matter of hiding certain "problem zones"; instead, a well-chosen pair of pants may highlight your highlights in the right light.

From skinny to carrot and stretch jeans, we've got you covered

Skinny jeans are ideal for emphasizing the sculpted legs of tall, lean girls. Jeans with flaring ankles give you a curvier appearance. Wide-leg trouser pockets with a high or sloped back mimic the bottoms, whereas elevated or sloped rear pockets mimic the lower part.

Hipsters and slightly flared legs are the best way to draw attention away from the tummy. Dark jeans can also make you look slender.

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Carrot-shaped denim, conversely, draws attention to the thighs; denim with a high stretch content and a low waist level is recommended to conceal this. Petite women wearing boot cuts appear taller. The possibilities of styling denim are endless

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When Strauss and Jacob Davis, the tailor, made these new trousers 150 years ago, they were so sought-after that they were ripped from their hands. The excitement has not subsided since then. Although wearing denim is not a new trend, it is still necessary to understand the history of jeans. It's fascinating to learn about the various styles that have been worn over the years.

While we now enjoy skinny jeans and boot cuts, there was a time when these styles were unheard of. Understanding the history of jeans will help us determine what is and is not fashionable.


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