What time are Aespa on stage at London’s 02 Arena?

The K-pop girl band will put on an energetic show in the capital next week  (SM Entertainment)
The K-pop girl band will put on an energetic show in the capital next week (SM Entertainment)

K-pop girl band Aespa are set to perform in London this week as part of their SYNK: HYPER LINE tour.

The tenacious group which consists of Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning has amassed over 1 billion YouTube views, sold a million CDs globally, and appeared at Coachella.

The group will take to the 02 arena stage on Thursday 28 September.

The term Aespa is a combination of the letters "ae" (for avatar and experience) and "aspect". The four members of Aespa each have a corresponding avatar in the virtual world that was made using their personal information.

The group’s third EP, My World was released in May and they were nominated for Best K-pop at this year’s MTV VMAs.

Here are the key details fans need to know about their upcoming gig.

When will Aespa be performing?

Aespa are performing on Thursday, 28 September 2023 at London’s O2 arena.

It will be their first show in the UK after making their US debut at Coachella last year.

What time will Aespa be on stage?

Doors open at 6:30pm and the group may come on stage between 7:30pm and 8pm.

The show is expected to end around 11:30pm as most K-pop concerts last two to three hours.

What is Aespa’s setlist?

No official set list has yet been produced but Below is the possible set list according to from other tour dates.

The group may not perform all these songs.

  1. Girls

  2. ænergy

  3. I’ll Make You Cry

  4. Savage

  5. Menagerie

  6. Illusion

  7. Lucid Dream

  8. Thirsty

  9. Dreams Come True(S.E.S. cover)

  10. Lips

  11. Life’s Too Short

  12. I’m Unhappy

  13. Don’t Blink

  14. Lingo

  15. 2HOT4U

  16. Hot Air Balloon


  18. YOLO

  19. Wake Up

  20. Salty & Sweet

  21. Next Level

  22. Black Mamba

  23. Welcome To MY World

  24. ‘Til We Meet Again

  25. ICU

Are there still tickets left?

There are still a large number of tickets available on the O2 website but with most terrace seats gone.

Tickets range from £54 to £248.