Timberview subdivision

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MT BRYDGES - Being connected to water and sewer services via Queen Street means Timberview Subdivision in Mt. Brydges can now be built.

Connections were part of the agreement approved by council in December 2021. A new council removed the holding zones at its May 15 meeting, meaning construction can now start.

Everything will be bulit in one phase, including 20 single-detached homes, 16 units of semi-detached, and 24 townhouse units. There will also be blocks for stormwater and one new public street.

The surrounding land uses include mostly residential uses along with the Caradoc Community Centre to the north on Lions Park Drive.

There is no more public comment period.

“Is it the case that the subdivision agreement is done? Yes. Has that received council approval? Yes it has. Then this should be removed,” explinaed senior planner Tim Williams.

“It’s hard for a community when you have an open space around you… It’s hard to see a neighbour take away space they had for years, green space, empty space,” said Coun. Hipple.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner