Tim Scott Stumbles, Deflects When Confronted About Trump Sexual Abuse Lawsuit | Video

Former GOP presidential candidate Tim Scott seemed uncomfortable when ABC news reporter Martha Raddatz asked if Trump being found liable for sexual abuse and required to pay author E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million bothers him in any way. A surprised and unprepared Scott replied, “Myself and all the voters that support Donald Trump supports a return to normalcy as it relates to what effects their kitchen table. The average person in our country, Martha, isn’t—they’re not talking about lawsuits.”

“As a matter of fact, what I have seen, however,” he continued on ABC’s “This Week” program, “is that the perception that the legal system is being weaponized against Donald Trump is actually increasing his poll numbers.”

Raddatz replied, “I understand that, but this was—they were jury trials. They were jury trials. They started when Donald Trump was president. That gives you no pause whatsoever?”

Scott struggled to find the right words when responding, “I don’t have a—the Democrats don’t pause when they think about Hunter Biden and the challenges that he brings to his father. The one thing I think the electorate is thinking about most often is ‘How in the world will the next president impact my quality of life? How will America regain its standing in this world?'”

“They were better off under Trump,” Scott continued, seeming to have found his message. “And they’re looking for four more years of low inflation, low crime, low unemployment, and high enthusiasm for our country. We haven’t had that in the last four years.”

On Friday, a jury in New York City ordered Trump to pay Carroll $83.3 for defamation. Trump has previously insisted that Caroll was lying when she accused him of sexual assault. Judge Lewis Kaplan had previously ruled that Trump defamed Carroll ahead of the trial, and they jury was tasked with deciding how much he owed to her as a result.

This is the second defamation lawsuit Trump has lost to Carroll. In 2023, he was ordered to pay the author $5 million.

Carroll accused Trump of sexual assault in 2019 while he was still president. Trump denied her claim in two statements, and Carroll subsequently sued him for defamation and argued that his denial impacted her reputation as a trusted media source.

Attorney General Bill Barr initially blocked the lawsuit, a decision the Biden Administration reversed in 2023.

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