Tim Scott Launches a Hilarious, but True, Memoir That Details How He Went From a Bank Robber to a Business Owner, and Beyond

The first thing to know about author Tim Scott is that he’s a bank robber. He’ll tell you so in Just Robbed a Bank, his unapologetic debut about how the choices we make are what defines us. From operating a reactor on a Cold War submarine to being forcibly retired from bank robbing by the FBI, Scott has lived a delightfully unique life that is now memorialized in this intriguing first work.

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Just Robbed a Bank details Scott’s life before, during, and after becoming a bank robber. He says that the hardest thing to remember when you are a bank robber is that you still look like everybody else. The giant sign that says “Just Robbed A Bank” is not flashing over your head, it is IN your head. That understanding that everyone has their own reality, even if they are all walking down the same sidewalk, has informed his life ever since, and shows in the stories he tells.

Scott’s collection of stories is perfect for adult readers who enjoy humorous writing that can be analyzed in depth or taken at face value. Although every story in Just Robbed a Bank is just plain funny, they also tackle deeper concepts like the revolving door of the U.S. criminal justice system.

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Early reviews are deservedly complimentary about Scott’s engaging narrative style and honest awareness of self. Describing Just Robbed a Bank as “hilarious with poignant life lessons,” reviewers praise Scott’s ability to connect his choices to each story and add a touch of practical philosophy reminiscent of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

When asked to comment on his work, Scott simply stated, “Trust me, I'm a bank robber.” While that may sound like a joke to some, Just Robbed a Bank pulls back the curtain to explore the “shadowy world where your word really is your bond.” It is a world where life is lived without a net, and for readers, there’s no better tour guide than Tim Scott.

At almost sixty years old, author Tim Scott can still rob a bank better than anyone he knows, and he knows a whole lot of bank robbers. As a reactor operator on a Cold War submarine, he lived every day with the knowledge that he was part of an apparatus designed to end all life on Earth. Scott built upon that perspective in a series of professions that checked the box of bank robber and author along the way.

Just Robbed a Bank is available for purchase on Amazon or wherever books are sold.