Tim Cook says Apple’s AI features are coming ‘later this year’

Apple chief Tim Cook confirmed on Thursday that the tech giant is working on generative artificial intelligence software features that will be rolled out for customers “later this year.”

“As we look ahead, we will continue to invest in these and other technologies that will shape the future. That includes artificial intelligence, where we continue to spend a tremendous amount of time and effort, and we’re excited to share the details of our ongoing work in that space later this year,” Mr Cook said in Apple’s quarterly earnings call.

However, the Apple boss did not delve into more details on the highly anticipated AI software upgrades.

“Our MO, if you will, has always been to do work and then talk about work, and not to get out in front of ourselves. And so we’re going to hold that to this as well,” Mr Cook said.

“But we have got some things that we’re incredibly excited about, that we’ll be talking about later this year,” he added.

Smartphone giants, including Samsung and Google, have launched several AI features in recent months, including advanced photo editing and word processing.

Recent reports also suggest Apple’s upcoming iPhone update could be its “biggest” ever with AI upgrades for its operating system, a better version of Siri, AI within Apple Music, and AI assistant within apps like Keynote and Messages.

Siri’s latest update may include a large language model similar to the one that powers ChatGPT, reports suggest.

Last year, Mr Cook even teased that Apple was building AI “virtually embedded in every product.”

“We view AI and ML as fundamental core technologies. And they are virtually embedded in every product that we build,” Mr Cook told CNBC in August.

It remains to be seen when and how the new AI upgrades will be rolled out.

Apple introduces new iPhone updates at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June every year, which then arrive in September with the launch of the new iPhone.

“Let me just say that I think there’s a huge opportunity for Apple with generative AI and with AI, without getting into many more details or getting out ahead of myself,” Cook said