Tim Allen and Jay Leno Rev Up the Ford RS200's Reputation

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Is It Time America Celebrates the Ford RS200's Rally Legacy?

In a recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage, comedians and car aficionados Tim Allen and Jay Leno showcased an automotive marvel that has yet to steal America's spotlight: the Ford RS200. The legendary 1986 vehicle took a ride through California's canyons, aiming to win over U.S. car enthusiasts' hearts.

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An Exclusive Peek into an Engineering Marvel

Owned by Tim Allen, this particular Ford RS200 is a rarity in the United States. It's one of the few street-legal versions built specifically to conform to Group B rally racing rules. This highly-engineered vehicle sports a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine snugly located behind the passenger compartment, and it delivers approximately 240 horsepower through a five-speed manual transmission to all four wheels.

Why No Love for the RS200 in the USA?

Both Allen and Leno express their surprise and disappointment that neither the RS200 nor Group B rally racing has taken off in America. Despite the fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled nature of the sport and the car, they've largely remained under the radar. The RS200 was designed not as a variation of an existing model but as a unique creation specifically meant for the rally stage.

"This Thing is Great!"

Jay Leno, after his canyon adventure in the RS200, could not help but gush over the car. "This thing is great," he stated, imagining how the car would feel with even more power. He hailed it as one of his favorite driving experiences, praising its turbo lag, its laid-back suspension, and its engaging drivetrain.

A Passionate Call for American Appreciation

As two household names in American entertainment and car culture, Allen and Leno hope that their spotlight on the RS200 will stir interest and recognition for this engineering feat. According to them, it's high time the RS200 joins their ranks as a true American icon—just with a British accent.

For a car that blends history, engineering, and raw power, the Ford RS200 truly deserves a lap of honor. Now, with Allen's and Leno’s seal of approval, perhaps it’s time for this rally star to finally get the American accolades it so richly deserves.

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