TikTok's Viral Grilled Cheese Sandwich Contains 4 Types Of Cheese, Mayo, And ... Cinnamon?

Grilled cheese sandwich on wooden cutting board
Grilled cheese sandwich on wooden cutting board - Lauripatterson/Getty

Grilled cheese just might be the ideal sandwich. After all, what's not to like? Everyone has their own grilled cheese recipe that they've perfected, complete with specific cheeses, toppings, and seasonings. But a new TikTok viral recipe is changing the grilled cheese game with the introduction of a few unexpected flavors: cinnamon and mayo.

In a video that now has over 243,000 likes, user Chef Tyler shares how to make what he deems the perfect grilled cheese sandwich with the "best cheese pull possible." Tyler uses sourdough for his grilled cheese, which he toasts on a pan and covers with mayo, as well as numerous spices including salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, turmeric, and the ultimate wild card: cinnamon. Next comes the cheese: parmesan, muenster, Swiss, and cheddar stacked high on the bread. Finally, Tyler toasts the sandwich in a pan using butter and olive oil, and the cheese pull at the end of his video is nothing short of perfection.

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Mayo And Cinnamon On Grilled Cheese?

Person pulling apart grilled cheese sandwich
Person pulling apart grilled cheese sandwich - Artit Wongpradu/Shutterstock

Although adding mayo to a grilled cheese may be controversial, the combination isn't unheard of — mayo is the secret ingredient needed to get that perfect crisp on your bread. Cinnamon is the truly out-there addition in Tyler's video, but he urges his viewers to trust him, and those who did are vocal in the comments about how much they enjoyed this recipe. One user wrote, "tried with the spices...WOOOOOOOOOOW!! It was such a nice surprise!!" Another commented, "I just made it, that shmacked so hard." Clearly the combination has its passionate supporters, including the hundreds of people Tyler claims he sold sandwiches to from his college dorm room.

But no controversial recipe is without its detractors, and many in the comments still questioned Tyler's use of mayo and cinnamon, as well as the many other spices he chose to include. One wrote, "way too much cheese," and another commented, "i will stick with my white bread and cheese slices from plastic thanks." Regardless of the naysayers, if you're an adventurous eater and want to put a new spin on your classic grilled cheese, Tyler's recipe could be the perfect thing to try, cinnamon and mayo included.

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