TikTok's "Underlash" Method Redefines Your Eyelashes

·1 min read

Innovative eyelash trends are always taking over beauty TikTok. As of now, the "underlash" movement is taking over our feeds, still keeping to our coveted "skin-first" natural beauty phase. The underlash technique has amassed a colossal buy-in on TikTok with the hashtag #Falselashtutorial coming in at 9.6 million views based on the strength of this merit.

"Underlashing is a lash technique where you apply false lashes under your natural lashes instead of the traditional method of applying them on top," celebrity makeup artist Renny Vasquez tells POPSUGAR. This method is nothing new under the sun as makeup artists and users alike have taken to this way of applying lashes as it changes the overall appearance and gives a natural lift to the eyes.

In the video, user @xoxoemira shares that she took to the underlash trend because she hated the visibility of the lash band while applying false lashes. As a pro tip, you can use a lash strip or individual lash extension to achieve the underlash look. It is recommended that for lash strips, you cut from the inside of the strip going outwards, and for individual lash extensions, you are to take each lash and start from the outer corner of the eyes applying underneath. For extra spice, apply a few individual lashes or a small corner of the strip underneath the outer eye corner for a cat-eye result.

See more of @xoxoemira's underlashing video below. If this trend works for you, be sure to tag Hypebae's Beauty Instagram for a chance to be featured.

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