TikTokers have standoff with Dave & Buster’s in viral series about fermented kimchi

Screengrabs from @daveandbusterboys TikTok videos

A TikToker’s quest to make kimchi in Dave & Buster’s has gone viral online — and the entertainment company is joining in on the fun.

A trio known as the Dave and Buster Boys on TikTok are notorious for fermenting strange foods in even stranger places. Their most recent feat was a jar of kimchi inside Dave & Buster’s.

Dave & Buster’s is a national restaurant and entertainment venue chain with arcades, billiards, bowling and virtual reality games.

One of the three TikTokers prepped the kimchi at their home before taking it to their local Dave & Buster’s to let it ferment in the shadows. Then came step two: come back to “burp” the kimchi every day until it was properly fermented.

Dave & Busters Boys includes John Cicco, Christopher Isaacson and Nate Krieger who appear to live in New York City, Insider reported. Isaacson seemed to be the mastermind behind operation kimchi, the outlet reported.

Day two of the TikToker’s series got nearly 2 million views and had followers reeling with laughter and confusion.

“Finally a unique experience,” one viewer joked.

“Kimchi is life but why are you doing this,” another asked.

No one knows why, which is one of the blessings and curses of strange TikTok challenges like this one. On day three, the kimchi jar had been removed from Dave & Buster’s, and Isaacson said he planned to start over from square one.

Instead of lashing out against the ridiculous challenge, Dave & Buster’s decided to at least partially play along on TikTok — and commented on the boys’ video.

“Sir please don’t burp your kimchi here,” Dave & Buster’s asked nicely. “What can we do to make this all go away?”

When Isaacson heard Dave & Buster’s was willing to strike a deal to end the madness, the group made a proposal: They would stop fermenting kimchi in the venue if management would gift them the Dave & Buster’s Whiskey Decanter set for sale in the gift shop.

The local venue denied Isaacson’s request, but Dave & Buster’s TikTok account was eager to reach a truce.

“Deal,” Dave & Buster’s wrote on Isaacson’s video. “See DM’s.”

“I cant believe you’re extorting Dave & Busters for a branded whiskey set with the threat of fermenting cabbage,” someone said in the comments.

Issacson has not posted a video proving he received the whiskey set from Dave & Buster’s or that he stopped fermenting kimchi in their venue, but he did say if they did not receive their whiskey set soon “the fermentation will continue.”

McClatchy News reached out to Dave & Buster’s to see if it is still plagued with jars of fermented kimchi in its venues and is awaiting a response.

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