TikTokers Compare This $8 Damage-Repairing Hair Mask to $30 Formulas

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The Amazon best-seller has nearly 25,000 perfect ratings.

Amazon / Instyle
Amazon / Instyle

There was once a time when breakage and damage were an inevitable part of changing the style and color of your hair. However, thanks to breakout brands like Olaplex, just about everyone who dabbles with bleach and curling irons knows exactly what a hair mask is and how to use it. Unfortunately, much like a fresh balayage, the cost of these high-end, breakage-mending formulas can start to add up. With hair trends beginning to cycle back to adventurous colors like purple and old classics like “expensive blonde,” shoppers are, naturally, heading to TikTok to solve this dilemma, and landing on previously-viral $8 solution that’s been an Amazon bestseller for years: the Elizavecca Cer-100 Collagen Coating Protein Treatment.

“We found a dupe!” exclaimed @femmeprincesskai in a video on TikTok, who noted that the treatment’s ingredient list is similar to those famous formulas from OIaplex and K18. “I got it and used it on my hair three days ago, and my hair feels so soft,” raved fellow creator @ashleyleiz. “I one hundred percent agree with the hype around this,” they continued, adding that it brought moisture back to their usually dry ends.

The power behind this nourishing treatment hinges on some super-effective ingredients. The word ceramides might make you think of skincare, however, these naturally occurring lipids are also excellent for fortifying your strands against the frizz and splitting that accompanies with hair dyes and washes. Meanwhile, collagen, the product’s namesake, is thought to accelerate the healing process by restoring moisture to your scalp and follicles (although studies have not conclusively proven its topical benefits). Honorable mentions from the ingredients list also include hydrating glycerin and softening hydrolyzed silk.



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So many reviewers swear by the revitalizing effects of this TikTok-trending mask. “I have tried high end products like Olaplex and Ouai and you get the same results, if not even better, and half the price,” wrote one shopper, who declared it a “holy grail product” for achieving “silky” texture. Another fan added that it “literally saved” their bleach “fried” locks. “I felt the difference immediately,” they added. A third shopper agreed that it “revived” their “severely damaged hair,” and left it shiny and soft after 15 minutes.

When it comes to investing in your hair, it’s important to do your research before cutting into your beauty budget. However, considering that this mask, which now has nearly 25,000 perfect Amazon ratings, is about the price of a bougie cup of coffee, it’s definitely worth a try. Shop it from Amazon or iHerb for just $8.

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