TikToker tries $80 grapes, and her reaction is priceless: ‘These are proposal grapes’

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This TikToker tried $80 grapes, and her reaction shows they were worth every penny.

TikToker Kena Peay (@kenapeay) is a hiker and chef who’s garnered a following of nearly 300,000 users on the platform for her on-the-road cooking content. Recently, Peay shared a video where she tried grapes that cost a whopping $80, and based on her reaction, she’s not asking for her money back.

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In the clip titled “Thirst trap in grape form,” Peay sits outside in a beautiful mountainous region while holding up a very fancy box of grapes. “These are called Kyoho grapes,” Peay explains. “They’re very special grapes from Korea. They’re used as gifts to give your loved ones.” 

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She then unwraps the elegantly packaged grapes and holds up a cluster to the camera. “Let’s give her a bath. I’m a rinser,” Peay says before the video cuts to a shot of the freshly washed grapes. “Look at her glistening in the sun!” she exclaims, admiring the bunch of grapes.

For the best way to consume the grapes, Peay notes that “someone told me to peel the skin.” While peeling the first grape, Peay decides to take it a step further and save the skin because “for $80, everything is going to be used.” 

“This is her first shift. Her second shift is when I use these skins,” Peay affirms, looking down at the light green sphere, which according to her, had a “jelly-like texture.” 

‘Buy a box of these grapes and propose’

As for the taste, it was love at first bite. The moment Peay eats the grape, her face conveys an expression of peaceful euphoria. With her eyes closed, she slowly clasps her hand before uttering a series of amazed “oh my gosh’s.”  

Grape after grape, Peay still struggles to find the words to describe the grapes. “They’re unlike any other grape I’ve had,” gushed the TikToker.  

“These grapes are so good. These are proposal grapes. Buy a box of these grapes and propose. I mean, they will say yes,” Peay guarantees while fervently peeling the skin from another grape.

As for Peay’s final review of the pricey berries, she “will now be spending $80 on grapes once a year.” Judging by Peay’s reaction, it might be time to add Kyoho grapes to your bucket list!

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