TikToker’s small DoorDash order price triples when fees get added: ‘This is crazy, right?’

A TikToker hilariously cooked DoorDash over its exorbitant fees.

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Most of us have been there before. You put a bunch of items in the cart of your delivery app. Then you’re inundated with a bunch of extra fees that don’t seem to make any sense. Seeing a $6.50 milk tea order cost $22.93 after DoorDash’s additional fees left TikToker @k_waltzz floored.

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He showed the itemized receipt that listed four fees, taxes and a tip on top of the subtotal. That included a $7.99 delivery fee, a $2.50 small order fee, a $1.50 regulatory response fee and a $0.98 service fee. The tax on the item was a mere $0.46, and the tip was $3.

“How did we get to $22.93?” he said, flabbergasted. “This is crazy, right? What is the need for a small order fee — the point of the order was the f****** small order. I’m done! I’m done!”

The video racked up 1.1 million views on TikTok. People could definitely relate.

“I bought tea for me and two other coworkers and it was $49,” a person commented.

“How are the fees more than the actual order?” another said.

“Dasher tip not being included in a $7 delivery fee is crazy,” a person wrote.

“And what’s a service fee doing on there when the delivery is the service?” a TikToker noted.

“If I can’t order it from the place itself I’m going there myself. Not worth it,” a user replied.

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