TikToker reveals 'surprising' spot where flight attendants sleep: 'Looks better than sleeping upright'

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A flight attendant showed what their hidden bedrooms look like on a Boeing 787.

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Most Boeing 787 Dreamliners have a set of secret stairs hidden behind a passcode-protected door. According to Insider, the staircase leads to a room, usually above the cockpit or first-class area, that is windowless and cramped. That’s where flight attendants sleep or sneak away for a break on long flights.

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TikToker @quintenmosh posted a tour of the resting area on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

“No windows to be seen up here. Just the flight attendants and their dark little pods,” the video text read.

The cabin was admittedly a little bit spooky. It was a dimly lit space lined with small cots positioned right next to each other. Each gray cot was separated by a black curtain, but there wasn’t much elbow room at all.

TikTokers shared their thoughts on the mysterious space.

“Ngl looks kinda cozy,” a user wrote.

“My favorite part of a long haul flight is getting to crawl in my bunk and knock out for two+ hours. It’s surprisingly cozy up there,” someone added.

“Looks better than sleeping upright tho lol,” a person said.

“It’s actually really cozy and comfy!!” another commented.

“I don’t think the flight attendants rlly care about the windows after working 10+ hours with jet lag,” a TikToker replied.

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