A TikToker pretended to cry, and her boyfriend stepped up in a big way: 'I need a man like this'

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A TikToker’s prank on her boyfriend has earned the latter praise for the way he responded.

On Jan. 6, Aileen Christine posted a clip in which she pretends to cry and runs into her room. What follows is perhaps one of the most wholesome episodes on TikTok.

Seeing his girlfriend “distraught,” Deven Chris follows her into the bedroom and asks her if she’s okay.

“Babe, are you okay?” he asks. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

Chris then slowly walks away, seemingly unsure of how to handle the situation.

“Okay, I’ll just — I’ll just let you marinate with your feelings, okay?” he tells her. “I’ll come back.”

About 10 minutes later, Chris returns with a surprise.

“Ready to talk about your feelings with my friends?” he asks Christine.

When Christine asks him what friends he’s referring to, he gives a sweet answer.

Ben and Jerry’s,” he says, holding two spoons and a carton of ice cream. “Yeah? I got you Rocky Road ’cause life can be rough … err, rocky … rocky sometimes, but your man’s will always get you ice cream. Okay?”

The pure moment has been viewed nearly 7 million times and garnered an overwhelming number of comments, many of which expressed approval of Chris’ reaction.

“I swear to god this man is the tutorial every grown men should watch.. Bruh this makes me wanna have a gf not gonna cap,” one person commented.

“I need a man like this, is it too much to ask??” another posted.

“You have such a great man.. Always know how to deal with any situation,” a third wrote.

Similar TikToks posted by Christine show Chris’ innocent and pure side. In one, for example, she tells him that she feels unattractive. Chris, however, has none of it.

“But you’re so pretty,” he tells her. “You are very attractive to me! Just ’cause you feel unattractive doesn’t mean you are, babe. Okay?”

The couple’s sweet interactions have since turned them into celebrities on TikTok: Christine has more than 3.6 million followers while her boyfriend has nearly 188,000 followers.

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