TikToker’s idea for child-free suburbs gets split reactions: ‘I know I’m evil’

One woman’s TikTok is going viral this week after she shared what she thought was a genius modification to the typical suburb setup.

“I would like to know when somebody’s planning on opening an adult’s-only suburb where everything in it is only for adults,” the woman asked in her TikTok. “Because I’m so sick of going places and kids are just everywhere screaming and I just have to put up with it.”

Apparently, the woman — who lives in Melbourne, Australia and goes by @soybabie__ on TikTok — had just gone for a swim at a public pool. But despite the fact that there was a designated section for kids, she encountered a bunch of them splashing around in the lap lane pool where she was trying to swim quietly.

To make matters worse, they weren’t actually swimming laps, as she was trying to do. Instead, they were jumping into the lanes repeatedly and screaming at the top of their lungs.

“And that’s just allowed,” the woman later fumed, “because they’re allowed everywhere.”

Needless to say, the @soybabie__ was annoyed — and not just a little bit, either. Eventually, she left the pool altogether and got in her car, where she took out her phone, opened up TikTok, and took a moment to vent about what had just gone down.

“I know im evil but theyre SO loud,” she captioned the clip.

Little did she know her little vent sesh would go far beyond her few thousand followers.

“I just feel like for people like me who are evil and hate kids, we should have our own suburb where we can just be quiet and undisturbed,” she concluded in the video.

Since posting the video over the weekend, it’s racked up nearly 264,000 views and a lot of comments from TikTokers who either strongly agreed or strongly disagreed.

Quite a few people seemed to find her statements obnoxious.

“You were a kid once,” one person wrote. “Don’t forget that.”

“These kids will take care of you when you get old,” another person reminded her.

“You act like you didn’t swim in the lap pool as a kid or scream,” said someone else.

To that one, the TikToker felt compelled to write back.

“I didn’t swim in the lap pool unless I did laps,” she countered, “because my parents actually parented me.”

A lot of other comments came from people who said that her anger is actually misplaced.

“It’s not that you don’t like kids,” one person told her. “It’s that you don’t like the parents of those kids. The parents should know better too!”

“I feel like people are getting worse with kids,” someone else chimed in. “They have them but are not willing to raise them and teach them [properly], which makes people hate them.”

But believe it or not, the vast majority of comments came from people who wholeheartedly backed the woman up. Well, at least on some things.

“I’ve been saying this for years,” one user wrote.

“Just counting down the days until I can move into a retirement community,” said another.

In fact, several people wondered why senior communities always have to be for adults 55 and over, when there are plenty of people over 30 who would gladly live there.

“I wish senior communities would allow 37-year-olds who are 70 on the inside and just want quiet and plants,” one person wrote.

“I would spend all my savings to get into this community!” another declared.

It’s worth noting that @soybabie__’s profile says her page is “just for lols,” so perhaps calling herself “evil” and declaring she “hates” kids isn’t the whole truth. But either way, there were lots of people who said they wish there were more adult-only places they could go — including some moms who said they’re desperate for peace and quiet.

“As a parent of two small children, I completely understand what you’re saying and respect that child-free people need space too,” one mom shared.

“I have my own kids and I hear you,” another mom said. “I don’t take them out to a lot of places because I get it!”

“I’m a parent and I love my kids, but I couldn’t agree with you more!” a third chimed in.

“Loving all the mums coming forward saying they want peace and quiet THAT’S WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT HOMIES JUST SHHH QUIET TIME NOW.”

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