This TikToker is hilariously reviewing celebrities' first Instagram posts

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You probably already know who TikToker Emily Schwartz is, owing to the fact that she was the *genius* who worked out Kylie Jenner was pregnant full on weeks before it was officially announced, purely going off her nails. Well, now she's is back and treating us to some more golden celeb content. This time, Schwartz has launched a brand new series in which she locates and reviews celebrities' first ever Instagram posts and it's truly hilarious.

For the first video in the series Schwartz went for Kylie Jenner's first ever post, telling fans, "new game; I am going to go to celebrities' first ever Instagram posts so you don't have to. First up, our beloved Kylie Jenner."

Thanks to the fact that Kylie have more than 6,000 posts on Instagram Schwartz says it took her around 30 minutes to get all the way back to the start, but luckily it does not disappoint.

En route to post number one, Schwartz tours us round some of Kylie's other iconic posts, from one where she trolls her own lips to a picture of Scott and Kourtney along with a caption about them being her "favourite couple" (ironic, given the recent news). Ultimately, she lands on Kylie's origin post: a pixelated shot of a roaring fire along with the caption, "Rain day fire <3".

Photo credit: TikTok
Photo credit: TikTok

But she's not done there, Schwartz has clearly put the time in on this project and began responding to fan requests - finding first posts for Khloé Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and even Gigi Hadid.

The whole series is a wild ride, from Kris Jenner's "Twitter or Titter" post (!!!) to Gigi's thing for a layout post, and fans are loving every minute of it.

"Thank you for your service," one commenter wrote, while another said, "this is extremely comforting to my own beginner ig posts."

We really can't wait for more.

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