TikToker accidentally tears off eyelashes attempting beauty trick: 'This is my sign to stop curling my lashes'

Some say beauty is pain. This influencer proved the saying true when she lost her eyelashes in a freak accident with a curler.

TikToker @merrickhb went viral with over 17 million views after revealing her curler had left one of her eyes bare. While many people speculated about what caused the incident, she wasn’t paying attention.

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“Im crying oh my god,” the video text read.

The short clip showed a row of her right eyelashes stuck in a curler. Meanwhile, her top eyelid looked plucked bald.

People in the comments asked if it was real, and she responded, “It’s real boys and girls.”

“That’s why you don’t use those with mascara and clean them REGULARLY,” a person wrote.

“I had this happen wit only a few lashes BUT DAMN DID I CRY,” a user said.

“This is my sign to stop curling my lashes with mascara. I’m not risking my baby’s,” a TikToker commented.

“This happened to me whilst running late and curling my eyelashes. Tripped over my shoe and balded my eye!” another added.

Despite many assuming that she lost her lashes because she used mascara before curling, that wasn’t the case.

She clarified that she just wasn’t paying attention while curling one eye. So when she absent-mindedly moved her hand, she tore off her lashes.

“Waxed basically my entire eyelash colony off my eyelid,” she lamented. “Besides three or four.”

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