TikTok users shocked by pilot’s video about not-so-private bathroom at Denver airport

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Screengrab from @almostcaptainmorgan's public TikTok account

Think twice about where you change in the Denver International Airport, one pilot warns on TikTok.

A newly renovated bathroom sink area in the airport has an incredible view of taxiing planes ⁠— but they have a great view of you, too, a user named @almostcaptainmorgan, who identifies herself as a Boeing 737 pilot, showed in a video that got over a million views.

“This video is a friendly PSA for anyone flying through the Denver Airport. If you, like me, thought that the windows in the newly renovated bathrooms were one way, where you could see out but planes couldn’t see in, you would be incorrect,” Morgan said in her video.

@almostcaptainmorgan 100% thought this was the coolest thing ever until I got to the plane #denver #airport #airlinepilot #traveltiktok ♬ original sound - Morgan

The pilot suggested the airport put up signs to notify visitors, in case anyone tries to change in the sink area ⁠— which seemed to be a common occurrence, according to viewers that saw Morgan’s TikTok.

“I just did a quick change in the sink area a few days ago,” Elyse Myers, a popular social media influencer, commented on Morgan’s post.

“This PSA is sadly about three days too late for me… my apologies friendly fliers,” another person joked.

Denver International Airport spokesperson Mindy Crane told The Denver Post that only the sink area is visible to taxiing passengers and the design was intended to let in more natural light and help people apply makeup and fix their hair.

“People are only visible from the sinks, when they’re washing their hands. The stalls themselves are completely private,” Crane told The Denver Post. “Our current bathrooms are pretty dark, but now when people are washing their hands, you can see out onto the airfield. It gives people a cool view.”

Crane told the Post that there has been minimal criticism about the bathrooms.

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