TikTok’s ”Sticky Method” Is the Perfect Way To Conceal Those Pesky Beauty Blemishes

Before I hit my 30s, beauty marks, aka acne, were never a thing for me. Once the clock struck 12 (plus the mania from the pandemic), it seemed like I had become a sure magnet for those pulsating irritants. While I have worked hard to clear my skin, I wish I had the latest "Sticky method") that the beauty side of TikTok now is raving over to help me along the way.

Okay, so the term "sticky method" may sound gross, but with the hashtag #thestickymethod amassing over 21 million views, it must yield impressive results. The name comes from the trick popular TikToker and makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira ideated. In a video clip, Nogueira explained that the process formed from concealing acne to the point where it is virtually invisible.

To get started, you'll need to use a tacky-like hydrating serum to set the base for the "stickiness." Apply over a clean face, and once applied, allow it to dry down then opt for a "gripping" primer. A gripping primer in this case is any product that primes the skin while giving you a glue stick, adhesive consistency — this allows the makeup to latch onto the face evenly and consistently. Your face will be very sticky from here, but remember that this is the ultimate goal. Next, Nogueira recommends using a matte concealer and applying a concealer brush for the best results. You'll want to use a generous amount of the product on the brush, then place it right on the blemish or wherever you have spots to cover. This is the general concealer rule to get full coverage without using foundation.

Lastly, let the entire process dry for around two to five minutes. The dry-down is one of the most crucial parts of the whole method. The use of matte products will aid in the process, so you must refrain from using any creamy or radiant formulas as they slide off the skin. Do not blend the concealer spots, have them lay dry on your skin and apply your favorite medium to full coverage foundation over the top. Since you don't want to swipe away the product, we'd advise going in with your preferred beauty sponge — and just like that, you'll be done.

The sticky method will perfectly set you up with a spotless canvas, but don't just take our word for it — see Nogueira's viral clip below to try for yourself.

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