TikTok star Davis Burleson hosts intimate dinner party with fellow influencers

On this episode of In The Know Eats: Dinner Party, Davis Burleson (@davisburleson), TikTok star and host of “What’s Poppin? with Davis!” hosts a dinner party at NYC restaurant, Harding’s, with some of his closest friends and fellow social media stars.

First thing’s first, Davis heads to a flower shop to pick up a fresh bouquet of white hydrangeas to serve as a festive table setting. “I’m excited to see how we set it up,” says Davis.

Entering Harding’s, Davis is led to a private area in the back which will serve as the setting for his party. Davis expertly preps and places the hydrangeas at the center of the table, amongst a sea of glassware and candles.

Davis’ dinner guests are a mix of content creators and influencers. “Some of them know each other and some of them don’t,” says the TikTok show host. “I always feel like it’s great for creators in the social media space to meet each other, especially over dinner.”

To ensure optimal conversation, Davis takes seating arrangements very seriously at his dinner parties. Sitting next to Davis is his sister, who is “always a great addition to the table,” according to Davis, while the remainder of the TikTok star’s guests are placed in strategic spots around the table.

With the table set up, Davis heads to the bar to discuss the evening’s libations. “My personal opinion is that any dinner party requires a custom mocktail for the event,” he says. Bartender Hugo helps Davis make his mocktail dreams come true, with a refreshing concoction featuring muddled cucumber, pineapple juice, and lime juice. “Very fresh,” says the social media star while taking a sip. “I almost feel like I’m at the spa.”

Davis’ guests arrive and take their seats, and begin to look over the menu. Davis opts for the farm raised chicken with a side of fries, a move that according to his sister is very on-brand for the TikToker. The group also decides to share a charcuterie board, burrata, and tuna tartare.

As the guests sip their “Clean Cucumber Creation” cocktails, they take time to admire Davis’ table setup, specifically the flower arrangements. Then, after some fun icebreaker games, the appetizers arrive to widespread acclaim.

All in all, between the decor, food, drinks, and of course, the company, Davis’ dinner party at Harding’s was a massive success, and his friends are surely looking forward to the next one!

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