TikTok Recreates Kate Moss' Cheekbones

·1 min read

TikTok never ceases to find the best beauty hacks and the social media app has truly hit the lottery with its latest viral routine, recreating British supermodel Kate Moss’ cheekbones.

TikToker Ali Martin was one of the first to discover the technique, sharing her step-by-step process to achieving the iconic beauty’s enviable bone structure. While we’re used to sucking in our cheeks or creating shapes that mirror letters and numbers in order to achieve the look we’re after, the makeup blogger’s method only requires your fingertips.

Apply your bronzer of choice – Martin prefers NARS Matte Bronzer in Laguna -- to your lower jaw, where your cheek hollows out as Sheeva Fallahi, the Beauty Editor at LOOKFANTASTIC recommends. She instructs, “Continue building and blending for a natural appearance that suits your complexion – and voila, you’ll see a more defined face that mimics Moss herself.”

Watch Ali Martin’s tutorial below to try out the TikTok’s newest beauty hack.

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