TikTok is memeing a clip of 2 dogs from a 2008 ‘Barbie’ movie dancing to Ice Spice’s new song

TikTok creators have started building a meme out of a superimposed clip of two dancing animated dogs.

The clip comes from a scene in the 2008 movie Barbie and the Diamond Castle. The plot follows two best friends who try to save another girl trapped in a mirror — which, as riveting as it sounds, has absolutely nothing to do with the dancing dogs everyone seems to have gravitated toward 15 years later.

In fact, the original clip seems to have come from superfans of the Barbie movie franchise because it’s been sourced from an outtakes compilation video.

There seems to be an element of nostalgia for younger TikTok users who watched the movie when it came out on DVD in the fall of 2008. The old-school animation is then paired up with Ice Spice’s song “In Ha Mood,” which was released with the 23-year-old rapper’s first EP, “Like…?,” in early 2023.

The TikTok version of the song, used for these Barbie dog memes, also samples part of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” from 1997. The meme can be found using other songs in the background before Ice Spice dropped “In Ha Mood,” but the mainstream version of the trend, which started to pick up steam in January, uses her song.

It’s an interesting look into a younger demographic of Gen Z. The majority of the memes are innocent and focus on simple, childlike experiences like celebrating leaving math class or not doing your homework. It very well may be a meme that was started by the group who was young enough to watch the Barbie movie on DVD in the 2010s and old enough now to listen to Ice Spice.

For the most part, people are using the meme to visualize pretty mundane activities they do with their best friends.

Some of the memes, frankly, are really not that sophisticated.

Some even get kind of meta.

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