This TikTok of a McLaren 720S Stuck in Mud Feels Like a Wild Fever Dream

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Photo credit: sonaderabocachica on TikTok
Photo credit: sonaderabocachica on TikTok

Listen, I can't believe I even have to tell you this. Frankly, it's embarrassing on your part. But to be explicitly, transparently clear: Do not attempt to take a McLaren 720S off-road. Even on paved roads, you'll encounter obstacles a 720S can't clear, like steep driveways, aggressive speed bumps, bodacious pebbles, and fallen twigs. Expecting it to survive in a muddy field is preposterous.

Yet if there is one fundamental strength of social media, it is in showing you the dumb things other people have already tried so you don't have to try them yourself. Despite knowing that it's a bad idea, I, of course, wanted to see what it would look like. Thanks to sonaderabocachica on TikTok, I do. And it's weird.

I mean, the results are anything but weird. The McLaren struggles and slides, its slick tires unable to negotiate the slicker surface. The surreal aspect is the video itself, which provides almost no context for what is going on. The car is in the dark, overlaid by a cry-face emoji, sliding in front of a bright-colored UTV. There's no indication of how it got there, the cuts in the video are weird and choppy, and the UTV driver is yelling in what sounds like Spanish. Frankly, I can't explain any of it. But rarely is someone brave and/or foolish enough to get a McLaren stuck off-road, so I figured you'd want to see it.

H/T Noah Wheeler

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