TikTok filter reveals mom was wrong about daughter’s eye color her entire life

A woman named Abi is finally feeling vindicated after years of being at odds with her mom over her eye color. In a recent TikTok, she explains that her eyes have always been two very distinct colors. But her mom insisted that she couldn’t really tell people because “they’re not that cool, and they’re not that different.”

But thanks to a new TikTok filter, it’s glaringly obvious just how different they really are.

In her post, Abi (@peachy.abi) sits on the train, venting about feeling gaslit by her mom in regard to her eye color. Apparently, it started when she was little and first noticed the obvious difference herself. But even as Abi grew, her mom wouldn’t really acknowledge that she was right.

By using the heart filter on TikTok, Abi showcased just how different her two eyes look. Right away, the difference is pretty shocking. While her left eye appears to be dark brown, the right is a very light hazel color. Side by side, they look like they could belong to two different people.

According to Mount Sinai, the phenomenon is known as heterochromia — the presence of “different colored eyes on the same person.” And while it’s actually pretty common in dogs, cats and horses, it’s extremely rare in humans. In fact, the estimation is that less than 1 percent of the population has the condition.

The reasons for heterochromia vary, though cases may stem from a disease or syndrome and sometimes even an injury. Otherwise, it’s usually hereditary, which makes it extra strange that Abi’s mom wouldn’t admit that she even had it.

However, there may be a clue in Abi’s caption. She possibly hints at the fact that her mom doesn’t always like her to acknowledge things that are obviously true.

“She did also say I couldn’t say I was Asian because my dad is white,” Abi wrote, “even though my bio mom is straight from Korea, so … “

Ultimately, it’s hard to know what TikTokers really think about Abi’s post. Comments were turned off soon after she posted. But we’re hoping her mother watches the video and finally sees what Abi has all along.

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