This TikTok-Famous Standing Desk Is $160 Off RN, And It's What Your Back Needs

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TikTok's Favorite Standing Desk Is Now $160 Off Christine Giordano

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You're probably already aware of how much of your day you spend hunched over your desk at work or sitting down slouched over your phone. So, if your posture is less than ideal, here's something that might help: a standing desk.

The FlexiSpot standing desk is a viral sensation on TikTok and a favorite of Women's Health editors alike—we even named it one of the best standing desk brands. As luck would have it, right now you can get their popular Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) for $160 off, thanks to a FlexiSpot's major Cyber Monday sale. So, if you've been considering adding one to your home office, now's the time to buy.

This Flexispot standing desk can be adjusted to a height that's comfortable for you, using an LCD keypad panel. It can go as low as 22.8 inches or up as high as 48.4 inches. Yep, even 6-foot-4-inch TikTok star Teejay Hughes finds his Flexispot comfortable to use in the standing position.

With a stable carbon steel base and thick leg columns, you can have peace of mind that the desk won't tip over, especially if you catch yourself leaning on it at the end of a long day (been there).

Don't worry about whether the desk can handle your multi-monitor, speaker, printer, err, tech-heavy set-up. It can actually hold up to 355 pounds. Plus, it has a built-in child lock, so you can rest assured your kids or pets won't be able to mess with the desk height.

Some of the desk's other awesome features are that you can customize it to fit your workspace with plenty of options for desktop size (ranging from 48 to 80 inches in width), pick from a variety of color options to match your decor, and even add on a power strip or drawers.

Sold yet? Whether better posture is part of your New Year's goals or you just want to change up your home office setup, don't miss out on the chance to save big on the Flexispot E7 Standing Desk. Btw, the Flexispot Sit2Go chair that lets you pedal and track calorie burn while you sit is also on sale! You really can't go wrong with any of these deals.

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