TikTok Dives Into Anime Culture With Manga Lash Extension Trend

·1 min read

Eyelashes are an essential beauty staple for many people. There's something universally flattering about a set of eye-defining lashes, from the most natural to the most dramatic pair. TikTok users are now taking inspiration from Japan's manga comic books and graphic novels for their latest trend: Manga lashes.

Amassing over 31.4 million views, the hashtag #mangalashes comes from the aforementioned Japanese comic books and animations, where the female characters have jagged, pointed lashes all grouped in one. If done well, the style can change the entire shape of your eyes for a sultry yet sweet look. Since manga lashes involve using falsies longer than your natural ones, we advise cutting a pair of individual strips into small pieces. After applying a few coats of mascara or an eyelash curler, the lash pieces are to be applied with glue at different points.

In some clips, TickTockers are being seen alternating long lashes with shorter natural lashes to create a kind of "spider legs" effect. You can also apply the technique to your lower lash area.

If you want to get started with this style but feel a little daunted by the process, you can visit your local lash bar to have a professional apply the manga lashes for you. For more inspiration to get started, we've included a few clips for your reference below.

@sacheu i’ll post a tutorial soon! #mangalashes ♬ original sound - ❦