TikTok Chronicling Sisters’ Misadventures in Bang-Cutting Goes Viral: ‘This Is Literally a Coming-of-Age Movie’ (Video)

Valentina is the oldest sister of four girls and a prolific TikToker, as evidenced by the account that her mother Gresia oversees and regularly lets her daughters update. In a video posted Thursday, Valentina shares that her younger sister, Camelia, has cut her bangs… again… and tomorrow is picture day. It’s clear from the start that picture day is serious business, and Valentina knows she has a job to do.

The entire five-and-a-half-minute saga unfolds just as all of the most excellent cinematic shorts do: there’s major drama right from the jump, intense emotions and sisters banding together — temporarily — to solve a problem. It’s easy to pick a sister to root for (#TeamValentina), and it’s nearly impossible to not feel like your own mom is coming through the door to ask what exactly is going on to cause all that noise.

The video was retweeted by star Halle Berry, who wrote that she was “invested start to finish,” while actress Jennifer Esposito added, “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.” So when do these girls get a development deal? Viewers are already fancasting directors — one TikTok commenter wrote, “this is something only Greta Gerwig would be able to replicate,” and another described it as “little women (latina’s version).”

At the beginning of the video, it’s clear that Valentina had no idea the afternoon was about to take a sudden dark turn. She shares that it’s already been “a really long” day, and she’s clearly looking forward to making a little content and unwinding. When her sister Khaleesi walks by and asks for the scissors, in true big sister fashion Valentina first pulls them out, then leans back suspiciously and inquires, “For what?”

“Something,” Khaleesi says. “Just something.”

Clearly hoping for the best while unfortunately trusting her sister to go ahead and do only good things, Valentina intones, “Be careful,” before getting back to business: her “get ready with me” video. What’s the worst that could happen?

Things are going great until another sister, Camelia, rushes into the room screaming that their sister “cut my hair.” After a back and forth, it’s revealed that Camelia has a brand new set of bangs… and her mom is not going to be happy about it.

Valentina is tasked with fixing a mess she didn’t make, managing the responses and emotions of her sisters and convincing the youngest not to tell (“I’ll give you a cookie,” she says, as many an older sister has before and will after her). But she ultimately gets blamed for the entire debacle when both of her younger sisters cave and deflect (like younger sisters always do).

As one person described it on Twitter, “This is literally a coming-of-age movie.”

Ultimately, things work out in the end… but it would be a surprise if Valentina’s little sisters are allowed anywhere near the scissors any time soon.

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