TIHS 2024: The Best Kitchen Cleaning And Organization Products We Saw

Dish Butter, Forever Sponge, and SpiceStack
Dish Butter, Forever Sponge, and SpiceStack - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen, but let's be honest: Keeping a kitchen clean is not always the happiest task. It's rare that someone loves to do dishes or gets excited about organizing their spice drawer, but having the right products can make this process more bearable, and maybe even make it fun. Daily Meal was in attendance at The Inspired Home Show this weekend in Chicago, and while there we scouted out kitchen cleaning and organization products that we felt were the best of the best for 2024.

To stand out in this category, we looked for products with a unique edge, like a sponge that claims to last forever, or a spice rack that can adjust to differently-sized bottles. These items all had something specially designed to make working in your kitchen a little easier -- a mission anyone can appreciate. So whether you love the act of cleaning and are looking to make your experience even better, or just searching for products to give you more motivation, Daily Meal has got you covered.

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Forever Sponge From Rescue LLC

Forever sponge on counter
Forever sponge on counter - Emma Segrest/Daily Meal

The biggest problems with regular kitchen sponges are that after a week or two they begin to smell, they no longer clean as effectively, and too quickly get thrown away. The Forever Sponge takes these issues and eliminates them. This sponge is designed to be cut-resistant, has excellent soap retention, and is safe to throw in the dishwasher to sanitize it. Not only is this product practical -- it's sustainable as well. You can use the Forever Sponge on a variety of surfaces, and it can even clean stubborn dirty aluminum pans.

As company co-founder Anthony Tranchida shared with Daily Meal, "The Forever Sponge was designed to eliminate all of the waste and problems that come with normal, nasty kitchen sponges. Normal kitchen sponges break down, get moldy, and harbor bacteria, the Forever Sponge is antimicrobial and won't break down over time." Tranchida emphasizes you only have to buy one sponge and that the product remains true to its name claim.

Adjustable SpiceStack Spice Bottle Organizer From YouCopia

SpiceStack with lables
SpiceStack with lables - Emma Segrest/Daily Meal

A spice rack isn't a revolutionary item in and of itself, but YouCopia's SpiceStack features a few added touches that completely elevate it as a product. The spice organizer's drawers pull out, then down, so you can get a better look at what spices are inside, and it comes equipped with height-adjustable separators to securely store your seasonings. This organizer fits up to 24 bottles and includes a set of labels. This compact unit can rest easily on your shelf while streamlining your spice selection process -- and even better, this spice rack is simple to clean.

Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing Development Mark Greenwood elaborates that the SpiceStack was YouCopia's first product and that the company was "very fortunate to break in with the SpiceStack at Bed Bath & Beyond and [that] it sold amazingly well."  This success gave YouCopia the foundation to expand the range of products they have available today.

Nellie's Dish Butter

Nellie's Dish Butter in green container
Nellie's Dish Butter in green container - Emma Segrest/Daily Meal

Nellie's Dish Butter, a semi-solid dish soap, comes in a container that prevents your detergent from becoming grimy or mushy over time. To use Nellie's Dish Butter, swab your sponge, rag, or dish brush on the soap and scrub away. (As we all know, even if you have a dishwasher, dish soap is always good to have on hand.) The product's innovative storage design ensures you get your money's worth of product, and whenever you run out, you just buy a new block. The company boasts that one block of Dish Butter is equivalent to three bottles of the leading brand's dish soap.

As company Marketing Director Paula Grigg explained, "What's cool is that it's semi-solid, so it's easy to pick up with a brush or sponge. What makes it a bit better than similar products on the market is that it comes in a reusable container and we always say you can reuse or repurpose it before you recycle, so even if you don't buy another dish of butter you're left with an aesthetically pleasing container."

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