Throuple Featured on “House Hunters” Shares Relationship Update: 'We’re Still Together — and Colorado People Now'

"We have a king-size bed because anything smaller than that would just be torture," one member of the throuple revealed on 'House Hunters: Where Are They Now?'

<p>HGTV/YouTube</p> Throuple featured on


Throuple featured on 'House Hunters'

The throuple featured on HGTV's House Hunters in 2020 is thriving and still together!

Earlier this month, during an episode of House Hunters: Where Are They Now?, Brian, Geli and Lori appeared on the program and revealed that they are happily living in Colorado, where they had searched for a home on House Hunters years ago.

“Yes, we’re still together — and Colorado people now," Brian said.

According to Lori, when she, Brian and Geli moved into their neighborhood, they "were worried about what neighbors were going to think."

"Someone up the street posted that the property value is going down, now that there’s a throuple that moved into the neighborhood," she continued, as Geli said, “We make sure to say hi to them [with a] big wave, big smile," and Brian added: "All three of us."

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Titled “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs,” the 2020 episode followed Brian, Lori and Geli on a quest to find their dream house in Colorado.

At the time, HGTV — which also airs House Hunters: All Stars on Thursdays — made history by featuring its first throuple, three people in a polyamorous romantic relationship, on one of its episodes.

The trio wanted to find a new home that would accommodate their unique dynamic, as well as provide space for Brian and Lori’s two children.

At the end of the episode, the family chose a house above their budget, as they all loved its view of the surrounding mountains.

<p>HGTV/YouTube</p> Throuple featured on 'House Hunters'


Throuple featured on 'House Hunters'

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During their House Hunters: Where Are They Now? update, Brian, Geli and Lori also revealed that they all work from home, which is "great because we have plenty of space in our house," according to Lori.

Geli also detailed the throuple's bedroom arrangements, revealing, "We have a king-size bed because anything smaller than that would just be torture."

As for where exactly they all fit into their sleeping quarters, Lori detailed, “I’m the one that sleeps in the middle, Geli is on the right and Brian is on the left."

“For families like us, we don’t get support everywhere we go, just because it’s a little bit awkward," Brian said. "But at the same time, the people we have come across, the people we’ve met, the people we’ve welcomed into our house are just awesome.”

House Hunters: Where Are They Now? airs on HGTV.

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