Thousands protest against Macron's health pass

Thousands of people protested in Paris and other French cities on Saturday against a mandatory coronavirus health pass for entry to a wide array of public venues.

The pass was introduced by the government as it battles a fourth wave of infections.

It was the third weekend in a row that people opposed to President Emmanuel Macron's new COVID-19 measures have taken to the streets.

"I won't go to restaurants, I don't give a damn. I won't sell my soul to go to the cinema, or for other nonsense, that's it. There is more at stake -- freedom. There is nothing above freedom. We have started losing all of our liberties. So it must stop, that's enough. We must put an end to their nonsense."

Visitors going to museums, cinemas or swimming pools are already denied entry if they cannot produce the health pass showing they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have had a recent negative test.

Parliament approved a new law this week that will make vaccinations mandatory for health workers and extend the health pass requirement to bars, restaurants, trade shows, trains and hospitals.

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