Think you know Idaho news? Take our weekly quiz and see how you stack up (July 30)

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We seem to be able to turn anything into a debate these days.

Was that Jan. 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol a violent protest of the presidential election results, or just a crowd of peaceful people exuding “love in the air.” Is the recent surge in U.S. coronavirus cases mainly fueled by Americans’ hesitancy or refusal to get vaccinated, or proof that the vaccines never worked in the first place? Perhaps we’ll never know the answers to these difficult questions.

That’s not the case with the Statesman’s weekly News Quiz, where there is no gray area. Here, things are black and white. Right or wrong. Good or evil. Well, scratch that last one. We’re not here to question your virtuosity if you haven’t followed the news this week. But we still prefer that you do.

Ready? Start the quiz below, or follow this link if you don’t see it on your screen.

How well do you know Boise? Take our quiz to see if you’re a native or a novice

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