Think you know college football? Join our weekly Pick 6 prediction contest and prove it

College football is back! After a smattering of games last Saturday, the season revs up during the long Labor Day weekend with a full slate of intriguing matchups — including Boise State at Washington.

As always, the Statesman sports staff will bring you the latest Boise State updates leading up to Saturday’s 1:30 p.m. kickoff, and throughout the season. (Speaking of which, don’t miss our Boise State fans guide.)

But this season, we’re offering a new feature to keep Boise State fans and all college football lovers engaged: our Pick 6 contest.

Every Wednesday, we’ll list six NCAA FBS games from across the nation (including Boise State’s game when it’s not a bye week). Simply choose the winners. Sorry — no point spreads. Then pick the final score of the Boise State game (or another game of our choice during the Broncos’ bye week). We’ll use this as a tiebreaker.

Starting next Wednesday, we’ll list the week’s Top 6 prognosticators, as well as a running tally of the season leaders. So be sure to include your name on the prediction form. You can also choose a user name if you’d prefer your real name not be used when we list our winners. Just be sure to use the same user name if you want an accurate season tally. Also make sure that your user name is unique, to avoid duplicates. And that it’s printable, for obvious reasons. Neither field is required, but if neither is filled out, your picks will not appear among the contest leaders.

And finally, you can also designate your favorite college football team as an opportunity to share your bragging rights with your fellow fans.

In summary, here are the rules:

1) List your name (optional).

2) List a unique user name if you don’t want your real name used (optional).

3) List your favorite college football team (optional).

4) Pick the winners of our six games.

5) List the final score of Boise State’s game (or a substitute when the Broncos aren’t playing).

6) You’ll have up until kickoff of the first game on our list to make your picks. This week, that’s 10 a.m. Saturday.

Ready to play? Start below! If the game format isn’t showing up on your phone or browser, follow this link. Good luck!