Things get pretty heated on 'The Four,' and DJ Khaled can't believe it

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Incoming artist Jefferson Clay threw down the gauntlet on The Four as he challenged Jason Warrior to a sing-off. “Jason, thank you for keeping your seat warm for me tonight, but it’s on,” Jefferson said playfully.

Jason started the challenge round with a solid performance of “Love on the Brain,” by Rihanna. Next up was Jefferson, who hit the stage with his chill version of R. Kelly‘s “Ignition.” But Jefferson wasn’t chill for long. He threw out more shade toward Jason, saying, “You cannot deny that voice. But this competition’s about being an artist. It’s about being true. Bro, you got a lot of drama.”

With a last name like “Warrior,” there was no way Jason was going to back down from that trash talk, and that’s when he turned the intensity up to 11. “An artist is someone who was born with a gift, not learned how to play the gift,” Jason said pointing at Jefferson’s guitar. Jason continued, yelling, “Where I’m from, we work hard! You wouldn’t understand that, because, where I’m from, we grind! This is why I do what I do, for my brothers, for my people! So I am an artist. Don’t you deny that.”

At that point, Diddy got control of the room, and eventually DJ Khaled got the guys to hug it out. So all that was left to do was vote, and the audience picked Jason as the winner. But before he left, Jefferson had some kind words for his adversary. He looked over at Jason and said, “That was an incredible, emotional performance from that guy. He deserves this.”

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