These New 'Rogue One' Models Are a Snap

Marcus Errico
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment
Cue the “Imperial March” and snap this sucker together (Photo: Revell)

Soon you can build your very own AT-ACT from Rogue One — and not have to worry about wanton destruction… or accidental contact highs from model glue. Revell, the supplier of plastic toy models for generations of vehicle-obsessed DIYers, has just introduced three new kits inspired by the upcoming Star Wars story: a new-edition Imperial walker, a Rebel U-Wing fighter, and an imposing Star Destroyer.

Like the models created last year for The Force Awakens, these “SnapTite” Revell sets include lights and sound effects, moving parts, and, best of all, require no glue or paint. Batteries are included.

Here’s a quick look at the vehicles:

A different iteration from the classic AT-AT of ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ this 45-piece walker has positionable head, shoulders and knees, as well as movable guns, an illuminated command cockpit, and both walking and battle action sounds. ($19.99)
This 46-piece Star Destroyer measures 15.75” when assembled, and includes features like light-up engines and movable gun turrets as well as audible engine vibrations and turbolaser fire. ($29.99)
The 35-piece plastic model kit features lighted cockpit, rotating wings that can switch between two flying modes, removable landing gear, and battle-action sound effects. ($19.99)

The vehicles will go on sale on Not-Force Friday, Sept. 30.