ThePaystubs Warns Against Using Fake Check Stubs

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SAN DIEGO, Sept. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Various jurisdictions have instituted harsh punishment to people who engage in income falsification. The use of fake check stubs can have dire consequences to businesses engaging in such acts.

There are numerous legitimate reasons for people to use a check stub maker. Paystubs are vital documents that employers should always provide to their workers. Even so, some unscrupulous individuals may take advantage of free online paystub generators to falsify income information when striving to secure a loan or gain other financial favors. Such swindling behavior is also prevalent among tax evaders. However, the penalty for this deceitful act can prove to be severe.

Since paystubs are the best way to provide proof of income, individuals may not think that using a fake paystub to acquire a loan is much of a big deal. They may presume that satisfying a lender's requirements isn't a problem, as long as they can make the payments. Still, contrary to what these people may believe, such an act is considered an attempt to defraud an institution. Consequently, perpetrators of such crimes face severe legal action. Similarly, the IRS deems inflating or including false income in tax returns as a heinous tax crime.

Still, employees aren't the only ones who may try to use fake paystubs for various financial gains. Some unethical employers may create fake paystubs for tax evasion by increasing costs or failing to transfer withholding taxes to the IRS. Doing this has grave financial and legal repercussions for businesses. What's worse is that such employers can even implicate workers, making them accomplices without their knowledge. For this reason, employees who suspect corrupt paystub activity should seek assistance from employment lawyers to avoid landing in trouble.

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