Then and now: How Sara Ali Khan lost oodles of weight for Bollywood

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Sara Ali Khan's journey from being overweight to over-the-top fit
Sara Ali Khan's journey from being overweight to over-the-top fit

The tinsel town of Bollywood is full of magical stories. Most of these stories are limited to the screen and sometimes once in a while inspiring stories happen in the stars’ real lives. Take, for example, Sara Ali Khan’s stunning turnaround from looking chubby to fit.

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An Inspiration for everyone

By her admission, Sara used to binge on fast food like all of us. But once she decided to get in the shape of a leading lady, she put in her best and worked hard for a year and a half to lose the extra pounds. With this fascinating story, she has become an inspiration for everyone to achieve fitness goals.

No takers for the plump divas

Sara has said this multiple times that she did not want the unfit tag attached to her image once she decided to enter the film line. Being ambitious helped keep her priorities clear and she worked day and night to achieve a fit body that she could be proud of.

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Change was the need of the hour

Sara was diagnosed with PCOS, and it was affecting her health badly. With a firm resolve to remove body complications at a young age, she hit the gym to tackle body image issues and weight problems complicating her condition. Change was much needed, and she acknowledged and persevered to make it a reality.

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From rock bottom to zenith

Sara famously admitted that once her mother failed to recognise her at the airport, and she vowed not to speak to her until she had achieved the right fitness level. She made sure to work on her fitness by finishing her college earlier and devoted the extra time to work on herself.

The hardest bits

Sara says that shifting from regularly eating burgers and pizzas to salads and juices was very hard. But to ensure that her fitness levels did not drop, she made it a habit to indulge only in a while. And to maintain her body she underwent rigorous exercises of all kinds, from cardio to cycling, and from boxing to crossfit.

Her favourite active routine

Sara thoroughly enjoyed Pilates during her exercise experimentation phase. And she has stuck to Pilates ever since she tried all the exercises and currently trains with celebrity Pilates instructor Namrata Purohit.

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