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The Nest Thermostat is only $90 as part of Google's Black Friday deals

Nest security cameras and Nest doorbells are also up to 33 percent off right now.


Google's Nest Thermostat is on sale for just $90 for Black Friday, with a tidy $40 discount. That's among the lowest prices we've seen, and close to the lowest it has gone for so far. Like most smart home devices, the Nest Thermostat grants control via smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a smart display like Amazon's Echo Show or Google's Nest Hub (both of which are seeing significant Black Friday deals).

Since it's programmable and capable of knowing when you're home, the thermostat can save energy by not overly heating or cooling an empty house. Google designed it to be easy to install, and most people can do it themselves. Google says 85 percent of systems are compatible, but before you pick one up, you might want to check your HVAC compatibility on Google's site.

The Google Nest Thermostat lets you control your heating and cooling from anywhere and suggests tweaks to help you save money. This Black Friday deal takes $40 the list price.
$90 at Amazon

In addition to remote access and programmability, the Next Thermostat has a Savings Finder option within the Nest app that can suggest tweaks to your heating and cooling schedule to save energy. In some cases, owning a Nest can entitle you to rebates from your utility provider.

The sale extends to some of Google's other smart home devices as well. If you're looking to expand your smart home ecosystem with Nest cameras or doorbells, this might be the time to dive in. The Nest Security Cam Wired is 30 percent off its usual $100 price tag, bringing it down to $70 for Black Friday.

As the name suggests, this is the wired version of the smart camera, intended for indoor use. Its smart detection features can tell the difference between your pets wandering around and human visitors. It also lets you see, hear and talk to whomever's in the room and sends alerts and 1080p HDR video to your phone or other devices using the Google Home app. You get three hours of video history without a subscription, or with a $6-per-month subscription, the Nest cam offers 60 days of video history.

Buy Nest Security Cam Wired at Amazon - $70

Bring a video doorbell into the mix to keep track of packages and people showing up at your door with the Nest Doorbell Battery. It's down to an all-time low of $120, with a $60 discount. The doorbell installs using your existing doorbell wiring to continuously power the device, or it can run on the built-in rechargeable battery. Like the Nest camera, the Google Home app sends alerts and video feed from the doorbell to your phone, laptop or smart display. You can see, hear and talk to anyone who shows up, and you can even program the option of using pre-recorded messages to tell visitors you'll be right there or let delivery people know where to leave your package.

Buy Nest Doorbell Battery at Amazon - $120

Other versions of the cameras and doorbells are also on sale at Amazon right now. If you'd rather shop direct, the Google Store has Black Friday deals on even more Nest smart home devices.

Shop the Google Nest Black Friday sale at Amazon

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