The Morning After: 'Uber Files' leak reveals company's aggressive expansion tactics

‘Violence guarantee[s] success,’ Kalanick said in a leaked email.

Andrew Kelly / reuters

A trove of leaked documents has shed an unfavorable light on the early days of Uber. Dubbed the Uber Files, the leak covers 2013 to 2017 and includes roughly 124,000 internal company documents and 83,000 emails.

In 2016, Kalanick reportedly ordered French employees to encourage local Uber drivers to counter-protest the taxi strikes in Paris at the time. When one executive warned Kalanick that “extreme right thugs” were part of the protest, the former CEO pushed back. He said: “Violence guarantee[s] success. And these guys must be resisted, no?”

In a statement published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Travis Kalanick’s spokesperson said any suggestion that the former executive “directed, engaged in, or was involved” in “illegal or improper conduct” is “completely false.”

There’s an awful lot more coming to the surface, expect even more bad headlines for Uber.

— Mat Smith

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The European Commission said in a press release: “The roll out of ISA is a huge step forward for road safety and has the potential to dramatically reduce road traffic injuries and fatalities.” According to a projection by the EU-funded PROSPER, if ISA became mandated, it could reduce fatalities by between 26 and 50 percent.

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