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The Kobo Libra 2 drops to its lowest price of the year so far

Grab the ereader for $170, which matches holiday pricing.

Will Lipman/Engadget

The Kobo Libra 2 ereader has dropped to its lowest price of the year so far. You can grab one via Amazon for $170, which is a discount of $20. This matches pricing from the holiday season for the water-resistant reading tablet.

You can snag the reading tablet for $170, which matches holiday sales. 

$170 at Amazon

Kobo’s Libra 2 easily made our list of the best ereaders for a number of reasons. First of all, this thing has actual buttons, which has become something of a rarity with modern ereaders. This gives users some tactile feedback when adjusting settings, turning pages and performing other activities on the tablet. Like most ereaders, the screen quickly re-orients itself, so you can make it so the buttons are on either side of the device.

We also admired the aesthetics, as this device looks and feels premium during use. We also called it the “most comfortable ereader” we’ve ever held, due to the textured and rubberized back. There’s a highly useful warming light that mimics natural environments. The text and image clarity are also on-point and the whole thing is waterproof up to six feet for 60 minutes. So grab that towel and hit the pool.

While we loved the beefy 32GB capacity, which holds thousands upon thousands of books, the Libra 2 features a relatively smallish 7-inch screen that pales in comparison to, say, the Kindle Scribe. However, it pretty much matches the size of a standard paperback. The $190 asking price is a bit steep, but this discount puts the kibosh on that concern. With this sale in place, the Libra 2 is a full $80 less than the similarly featured Kindle Oasis.

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