The Craft Gets A Sequel, Not A Remake As First Reported

After the announcement that ‘90s horror ‘The Craft’ was getting a remake, it appears it’s actually getting a sequel, according to the film’s producer.

HitFix revealed the news after all talk on the reimagining of the 1996 tale starring Neve Campbell had gone worryingly quiet. However, producer Douglas Wick was on hand to clear up the confusion over what the next instalment of the teen witch fantasy/drama would entail.

“I wouldn’t say that we wouldn’t so much call it a remake as a ‘twenty years later,” Wick said. “There will be callbacks to the original movie, so you will see there is a connection between what happened in the days of The Craft, and how these young women come across this magic many years later.”

So rather than a straight-up remake, this new version is more of an update on the existing world we saw in the first film. So ot looks like it’ll be something fresh without tirelessly retreading the plot of the first movie, even if it does plan to give nods to it.

Currently, Leigh Janiak is attached to direct and co-write, which seems a logical choice after directing and penning the creepy horror ‘Honeymoon’ in 2014.

Wick, who produced the original 1996 movie, gave some detail a year ago about the movie’s story and where it was planned to go.

“Here are some young women who once again discover the power of magic, and we explore their emotional lives, their wants, their fears, their longings, as they become empowered,” he revealed. “So you know, the same way you use a war movie to explore the psyche of men, you get to create a heightened world to explore the psyche of these women. And so that seemed like an opportunity that was ripe and a way to make a movie that would be very much about now. And of course, part of that was just finding a talent that felt like enough of a real talent that you’d really be interested in her interpretation of this kind of story now, and of course Leigh is exactly that.”

It’s an interesting choice that ‘The Craft’ is getting a remake at all, going off its cult status rather than a decision based on an impressive box office stint. It made just shy of $25 million domestically, so pretty much flopped after its $15 million budget is taken into account. (Bearing in mind a film needs to roughly double its budget to break even.)

Whether a sequel to ‘The Craft’ is anything anyone’s really been craving is now irrelevant, so let’s hope it attempts something a different rather than a safer than safe sequel. The big positive here is that, despite initial reports, we are getting a follow-up rather than a simple remake, which implies new story and characters which has to be good news, right?

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Picture credit: Columbia Pictures