Thaddeus Young: Spurs situation not ideal for me

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“Right now, this situation is not ideal for me,” Young said on The Alex Kennedy Podcast. “I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had to settle for 4 and 6 minutes a game.”
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Paul Garcia @PaulGarciaNBA
Thad Young and sticking to the paint, where he’s efficient like Jakob PM

Paul Garcia @PaulGarciaNBA
Automatic points for Thad Young when he attempts shots in the paint PM

John Hollinger @johnhollinger
Meanwhile back in the real NBA, Thad Young doing all kinds of Thad Young things right now in Portland. Spurs 32-22 after one period. – 10:34 PM

Jeff McDonald @JMcDonald_SAEN
Thad Young steal, brings the ball up himself, finds Lonnie Walker trailing for a 3. If this were the AT&T Center, there would be MVP chants. – 10:27 PM

Jeff McDonald @JMcDonald_SAEN
OK shut-ins: Thad Young is the first big off the bench tonight. – 10:25 PM

Alex Kennedy @AlexKennedyNBA
Thad Young is frustrated with his playing time on the Spurs.
“Right now, this situation is not ideal for me. I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had to settle for 4 and 6 minutes a game… It’s super tough. It’s very tough and frustrating at times.”…9:42 PM

Alex Kennedy @AlexKennedyNBA
Thad Young was blindsided by the Bulls-Spurs trade and found out through Twitter.
“It definitely caught me off guard. My agent had just talked to everybody in Chicago and we were being told that I was coming back… I would’ve rather found out from them.”…5:47 PM

Matthew Tynan @Matthew_Tynan
Also seen quite a few ppl thinking this Thad Young situation is a bad look, or that it’s gonna dissuade vets from signing in the future… I don’t get where that’s coming from. This is pretty standard post-trade NBA stuff. The two sides communicate openly and understand the deal. – 8:13 PM

Matthew Tynan @Matthew_Tynan
Not doing the whole quote RT thing but it is *crazy* to me how some people can’t grasp the Thad Young situation, not to mention the Spurs’ situation as a whole. I don’t think I’m oversimplifying things, either. That would be an insult to people’s intelligence. – 3:50 PM

Matthew Tynan @Matthew_Tynan
Just a thought on the Thad Young/Drew Eubanks thing: It seems pretty clear the decision to use Eubanks over Thad is informed by the Spurs’ objective to move Young. It’s just as obvious to Pop as it is to anyone watching that Young is the better player. – 1:56 PM

Jeff McDonald @JMcDonald_SAEN
Ep. 119: Derrick White lives! Thad Young plays! Josh Primo learns! Plus the Spurs take a win streak on the road. Also, Snake Farm talk.…9:49 AM

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“Whatever happens with me is what’s happening with me…” Young said. “My sh*t is my sh*t; I wouldn’t put that on my teammates. That’s something that I have to deal with, and I just try to control what I can control and focus on what I can focus on when I do get [playing] time and when I am out on the court with those guys. My ultimate goal is to remain focused on what I can do and whatever happens, happens at that point. I just gotta go out and just continue to focus in, lock in. The one thing I can say is that I’ve always remained professional… -via / December 4, 2021

“It’s super tough. It’s very tough and frustrating at times,” Young said. “But at the end of the day, I understand where this franchise is going and I understand what’s happening — the young guys have to play. Whatever happens, happens. It’s just a matter of trusting in my faith and trusting in my craft and trusting in the time that I put into the game each and every day. I’m a 15-year veteran and I’m still one of the last to leave the gym and I’m still showing up early, putting in a lot of time and a lot of work. -via / December 4, 2021

Given roster turnover and their overall youth, I’m a little skeptical the Spurs will have an elite defense — as stingy overall as they were in the minutes DeRozan sat. A lot of those minutes came against backups, and San Antonio’s bench — long an efficiency machine — has been overhauled. Young seems like an obvious trade candidate; contenders have already inquired about him, sources said. -via ESPN / September 29, 2021

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