Texas A&M marching band serenades Jimbo Fisher on airport runway

Jimbo Fisher’s entrance to College Station wasn’t exactly what you would call subtle. (AP Photo)

It’s just not a complete Silly Season in college football until a marching band greets its school’s newest head coach on the tarmac to strike up a tune as he exits the plane.

Thankfully, we have Texas A&M to check that box off this year.

The entrance the Aggies gave new head coach Jimbo Fisher to College Station is completely absurd — A full band lining a red carpet leading from Texas A&M’s branded private plane to a private car no more than 10 yards away.

It’s wholly unnecessary and wildly fun at the same time. Rarely do heads of state even get this level of pomp and circumstance.

Then again, you’d expect nothing less from an SEC school who just fired a coach for going 51-26 in six years. But Fisher brings a National Championship pedigree, strong recruiting background and, most importantly, hope to a fan base that feels it’s been repeatedly spoiling opportunities over the last few years.

It’s understandable they’d want to start off the new regime with a bang.

Even still, this can’t make Fisher feel good about the pressure to win big and do so quickly. You’d be amazed how quickly that marching band can dissolve into a single sad trombone if things don’t go well.

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